Palaeography Training: Medieval Manuscripts

Palaeography training resources

Bibliographies for the workshop are available by clicking on this link: Palaeography Training

The following pages are recommended for practice in advance of the training, especially the palaeography training online course provided by the National Archives:

The following links lead to some collections of digitally available medieval manuscripts which may be used for personal research as well as transcription practice:

Digital images/projects

The British Library Turning the Pages Project

The Electronic Beowulf Project

The Digital Medievalist Project

The Canterbury Tales Project

Irish Script on Screen – Trinity College Dublin

Bodleian Library

National Library of Scotland

Cambridge University

Digital Library of Wales

St Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library

Digital Scriptorium

Pierpoint Morgan University Library

Medieval Writing (with Palaeography exercises)

Notre Dame University ttp://

The Aberdeen Bestiary

The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380): 1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts, The Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Other relevant links

Online manuscript catalogues

Apart from catalogues for one or more libraries there are important repertoria for particular kinds of manuscripts:


One should mention in particular a number of French sites for searching illuminations in medieval manuscripts:

And of course one can find elsewhere in Europe and America web sites with illuminated manuscripts:

One should mention also individual manuscripts. Either the illumination or the texts can be the reason for digitalisation:

More links

With grateful thanks to Dr Otto Vervaart for allowing us to reproduce his links from his website